People who think this is half way decent

Saturday, March 17

Some Minor Changes

I've went through the blog, and fine tuned and tweaked.  The result of this endeavor?  You can now leave comments.  So please do, on any post you have enjoyed.  I should hope to have another post tomorrow morning my time.  That is lunch-ish for those of you with the romantic language persuasion.  More like dinner for those of you in siberia.  I have a couple of deadlines bearing down on me.  Which means I will probably write something I don't need to, then post it here.  Thanks again for reading!

Spring Break is Here

So with the kids being out of school this upcoming week, we are going out of town.  We have plans for mini golf, bicycling, canoeing, go-carts, and swimming.  All in all a fun week indeed.   With this time of leisure, I will try to wrap up and get sent off some flash pieces I have just laying around starting at me.  One thing I seem to be focusing on is finding my voice or particular style.  I'm not the same writer I was 10, 12 years ago.  A lot of my writing seems forced or contrived.  I come up with great ideas, starting points, or locales.  For lack of something coherent I try to brewed up the word count.  Well that's all for right now.  I'll try to keep the posts up and going while away.

Tuesday, March 13

Stuff coming, Stuff going

I just resent a submission that I hadn't heard anything on. I have a couple that are in mid   draft form and a third waiting in wings for deadline to get closer.  If all goes right could have 3 new pieces rockin the web by the end of next month or earlier.  I will make details available when I have them.

Monday, March 12

How to ebooks, not so hard

Well if you ever wanted to be a writer in this century, your looking for a how to ebooks compilation. This is not it. But I too am trying to find my way in this Brave New World of internet and electronic publishing. I am batting around some ideas for a free smashwords compilation of my work, just a primer of stuff.  Every book needs a cover to be judged by and I think the one to the right is a fitting specimen. A background may still be in order, I'm not sure.  I'd love to know your opinion.  A working title right now is  Rejects of the 21st Century. If there is anything you'd like to see either put in or left out please give me a holler as I have final say.  I will try to organize by theme and length but hereto have no decision on style or content.

New Week, New Ideas

So, after a few drinks with the new Mia Energy, I was unable to get to sleep real well.  While laying in bed I had a few ideas.  I didn't want to antagonize my lack of sleep, so I just lay there, plotting over these ideas.  Eventually I found myself in a state between awake and unconciousness.  morning soon came and I jotted down the ideas.  I think that we will find them online soon at some of our favourite bizarro sites.

Sunday, March 11


The whirlwind that was the O.C. is over.  I wish I could've done more.  But some ideas did come about from the speakers I heard. They are not appropriately adaptable for the erotica I write, so I will have to find another angle to write from. That shouldn't be too hard, but will have to plot it out well. A departure from the way I normally write.  We'll see if I can integrate this new material into upcoming submissions.  With soo much still in the wings, I'm getting anxious to get some more up on the interwebs.  With that I would like to welcome my friends from Brasil.  Olá! a todos meus ventiladores do brasileiro.