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Sunday, May 13

Six Sunday Sentences for Mom

I took the holiday as the theme for my six this sunday, sort of. I still want to wish all mothers out there a Happy Mother's Day. May you not do a thing today, except of course enjoy the read. leave a comment or check out my sunday scribblings here.

As I wiped the traditional killing blade of our species clean, I knew she would be proud of me, I followed through with our plans for bringing about this world's subjugation. I had been here three months studying their habits and looking for their weaknesses. The mothership, that had stayed on the dark side of their moon so as to not be detected, was now landing on the south lawn of their White House. Soon this whole puny planet would know the power of our weapons, and the
constriction of our rule. I had picked this day, when they are more concerned about sentiment and nostalgia, and this place so as to affect the populace with fear and worry. As she walked off the mothership, I bowed before our queen and said, "Happy Mother's Day!"

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  1. Fun twist on Mother's Day, Warren. You switched tenses in the sentence "Soon this whole world will know.." If you changed it to "would know", it would flow better and be in keeping with the rest of your story. Nicely done. I liked their choice of landing pad. :)