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Monday, May 14

Menage & Motivation

Here is my entry for the #MenageMonday writing prompt. Below is the #MotivationMonday entry. Please be a dear and leave a comment. Thanks and enjoy the read.
I was never one for excitement, but it wasn't the roller coaster that had me worried. In my pocket was a beautiful diamond ring, and when we get to the top of it, I'm going to ask her to marry me. It pulled out and started up the hill, my heart was pounding with the clickety clack. I was reaching into my pocket when I heard a creaking and a loud pop. The side gave way and we slid to the edge of the car. With another lurch she fell out, but was able to hold onto the ledge. I braced myself and extended my hand. I stared deep into my lover’s eyes. Then she said to me, “I have to let go.”


“Please, can I just go after this show?” he belted out from the other room.
“I can’t wait that long” she hollered back with equal disdain.
He rolled his eyes at her and begrudgingly got up from his warm and comfy seat.
“You know it is below freezing out there.” he grumbled as he put his woolen cloak on.
“Do you want one or two eyes this time?” he quizzed.
“You know I want two, and bring me a bag of toad warts too.” she replied.  
He was sure he wasn’t the first mage to encounter this situation, but this baby making business was truly frustrating.

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