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Monday, May 7

Menage Monday Miss

We've all been there, trying to finish up on some writing deadline when brutal reality steps in to ensure the demise or derailment of the project. Well...that happened this evening. I was submitting this (I thought) to the menage monday writing prompt contest. I hastily rushed out the door for a previous engagement, only to come back to my computer and an internal server error and password malfunction. Needless to say I missed the deadline. Once again foiled by procrastination. GRRRR! Below is that entry. It is also a continuation of this and that. I highly suggest reading them first so it will make more sense. Enjoy this read and leave some comments below so I can get some feedback on direction. I will also start working towards organizing them onto their own pages in the near future.

He looked around the ledge and gathered some fire wood. He would stay in this cave tonight. The giant worms seemed to not move through rock.  He got the fire started, and as he stared hungrily into it, yearning for something familiar, he began to sob. He'd hiked up here with his boy scout troop, mundane things like this were affecting him the most. The instability of his situation echoed in his mind like thunder. He closed his eyes and prayed for morning to come.
He heard something, as he got up, green lightning streaked across the sky. He saw a figure silhouetted. He reached for his rifle, but instead there was a severed arm. He stumbled, hitting his head as he flailed out of the cave, stopping as he heard a voice say, "We need more time, We need more time." Another crash of lightning as he lost his footing and fell towards an open mouth of a giant worm.
He slammed his head back from the jolt of the dream. While he nursed it he noticed it was morning. He needed to get going it was a long trip across the valley.

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