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Sunday, April 29

A Storm is Brewing

Yet another writing prompt, this one Sunday Scribblings. The theme was STORM, I did something a little different with it. I did scribble on this all day here and there between everything else. It is kinda fun, I like it. Hope you do too. Thanks for the read.

So I was doing my latest ebook signing at my local Walmart. The crowds had thinned due to the impending storm, but I knew something was up. People don't just put their shopping or ebook signings on hold because of bad weather. That was when I noticed her, either some poor coed with a flesh eating bacteria, or a zombie. Now you may say, how could a zombie just walk into Walmart without causing a fuss. One, our youth is so desensitized to zombies that they think nothing of it, and two, she wasn't going to find any brains to munch on in here. Why was she here then? I told my assistant to stay and watch my table, but he was a good shi-tsu and very obedient, not like one of those pugs whose eyes fall out. I stayed a few aisles behind. I didn't want her to notice me, my reputation in zombie circles had declined since a mistaken identity scandal back in '04. She was heading towards housewares, this was looking worse. If she was going after a Magic Bullet the impending storm could be a zombie apocalypse. You may think that a cheap infomercial blender in the hands of a zombie couldn't possibly mean the demise of civilization as we know it. For the most part you would be right, but this was too close to the date the Mayans had picked for total destruction so I wasn't taking any chances. I went to the opposite side of an aisle and grabbed a cleaver hanging on the shelf. I for one was not going to let this just happen, humanity was not going out like this. I curved round behind her fast as lightning. I was thunder crashing down on her, the cleaver parting her head from her neck. I noticed as I landed on top of her slumped body, the ointment for skin bacteria in her basket. Was I wrong? The zombies who stormed towards me had proven I wasn't.


  1. I came here after reading your insightful comment at Scribs about "different storms." EEEEW! FAB! First the zombies and then HIS turn for mistaken identity. Then the Mayan calendar opens a can of whoopass on him via other zombies.

    Clever, funny, strange, and I think I love your writing! Amy Barlow Liberatore, and here's my SunScrib:

  2. Tigerbrite5/02/2012

    I didn't know zombies had skin complaints. Obviously no blood then as the head was severed?

  3. zombies and storms go together

    the river

    verification makes it really hard to comment. you'd get more comments if you turned it off. i had to do this several times to get it to work.

    1. Thanks, I think I got it fixed, it never did it for me so I had no idea.