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Tuesday, March 20

Limbering up

There was some unexpected work, plus you don't really get time to write while on spring break with kids.  That said I have had a few ideas and beginnings.  The bane of this writer's career is having something cool, getting going with it, and then WHAM, nothing.   I have said in the past that this was primarily going to be a journal of sorts, with major announcements being handled on my other site .  The other reasoning for not posting stories, per se, here was not to conflict with any other internet publishings.  I think that I will try to limit micro fiction to my twitter account @warrendanbar and maybe put more story thoughts or short flash here.  Meaning longer flash and short stories will be what is published more around the interwebs.  So expect a little more unresolved bits of work.  Feel free, as always, to comment on the posts that arouse any thoughts.

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