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Wednesday, January 23

Auspicious Ain't it!

I have had 4thousand 4hundred 44 pageviews as of this posting!
My wife loves the number 4 and there are four of them so I am taking it as a very good omen for the future of my writing. Hopefully I will be able to get things uploaded more often. I have a few things boiling in the pot. I will try to bring you a taste real soon.

Wednesday, January 9

Tues Tales

This is my Tues Tales entry, my first of hopefully many this upcoming year. Happy reading and enjoy.

Paid Off
By all accounts he was a degenerate gambler. He accepted it was his burden to bare. Looking down at what was left of Sam and Denise he knew they had paid his debt. The rage inside made him feel helpless as he was being told by the bulbous monster that did this, "To be a good boy or this would be his fate. Mr. Qan didn't like late payments." Jerraks made good enforcers. Their mucus glands could make quick work of two bodies, dissolving flesh and bone into a goo. He lunged towards them placing one last bet. Stabbing franticly.

Thursday, November 8

Six Sunday for Fall

My entry for SixSunday is below I hope you enjoy it.

He grabbed his face mask abruptly as he told him that he would amount to nothing if he didn't get his ass in gear.
"Those Squids over there aren't here to play, they want to kill you, rip out your heart and eat it!"
He thought hard about what it meant to be a Squid Ranger, putting your life on the line to protect the Homefront, and provide food for your family. Checking his laser rifle to make sure it was set to broil, he charged towards the advancing line, blasting away at the flurry of tentacles that surrounded him. As he yelled back to get a fridgevac up here to take this calamari, a lone tentacle grabbed his gun from his hands. Before he could turn to see the culprit he felt a warming sensation engulf his body becoming painfully hot as he instantly fell to the ground.